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2000 год

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№13-14 2000 год
Статья 11 : World Potato Congress

ON behalf of the Directors, I am pleased to announce that Congress 2000 will be held in Amsterdam, 3–6 September 2000 – the "year of the potato" in the Netherlands. It will take place in the modern RAI Congress Center, 8 Europaplein, 1078 GZ, Amsterdam.

World Potato Congress 2000 promises to be the biggest to date, for two reasons. Firstly: the location is central to a large part of the world's potato industry. It is also fairly accessible from Africa and the Americas, as well as from the Middle and Far East. We already have indications of groups coming from as far away as China, Australia and South America.

Secondly: the Congress, which will include a trade and technology show similar to previous presentations in Canada and South Africa, will be preceding "Potato 2000"in Emmeloord, September 6–9. "Potato 2000", traditionally known as the "International Potato Manifestation", will have seed and ware potato displays, potato harvesting, grading and other field demonstrations on more than 70 hectares (175 acres) of land, plus machinery and equipment shows as well as trade stands of a predominantly international character.

The local organizing committee, headed by Arie Kauffman (President of Arable Promotion Projects) and his directors have involved a large group to serve on sub-committees so that all arrangements will be well planned. This will include the all-important program, the informal activities, the Golf Classic as well as pre- and post-Congress tours.

This will be a week to remember – an opportunity to hear and meet leaders in the industry, a chance to hear about and discuss new ideas and technologies, an opportunity for tours with fellow industry people, and a chance to socialize with new and old friends.

The directors of World Potato Congress Inc are proud to be part of presenting this opportunity for the Global Potato Industry. We are looking forward to meeting you in Amsterdam and Emmeloord. So, mark the dates on your calendar, and stay tuned for new information as it becomes available through our web site.

Please note: The registration form can be found on this page. The form can be printed out and faxed or mailed to: Arable Promotion Projects, c/o P.O. Box 822, 3700 AV ZEIST, THE NETHERLANDS. Fax: + 31(0)30-6974517.

http://www.potatocongress.org/congress2000.htm; http://www.potatocongress.org/congress2000/registrationform.htm

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