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    Polytechnical University, St. Petersburg
    Prof. Dr. Samsonova



    Center for Advanced Studies of St.Petersburg Polytechnical University,

    Brief description:

    Maria G. Samsonova is a head of Department of Computational Biology in the Center of Advanced Studies of St.Petersburg Polytechnical University. Her current research interests are in systems biology and mechanisms of the development.

    Education and Degrees:

    1967-1972: Student in Biological Department, St.Petersburg State University

    1972: M.Sc., in Genetics; awarded with a diploma from St.Petersburg State University

    1979: Ph.D. in Biology, awarded with a diploma from St.Petersburg State University

    Employment Experience:

    1972 - 1987: Staff member, research fellow in the Department of Genetics, St.Petersburg State University.

    1987 - 1996: Senior lecturer at Biotechnological Centre, Head of research group in Computer Biology

    1987-present: Senior Research Fellow of the staff in the Department of Genetics, St.Petersburg State University

    1982 - 1988 : Referee of the review journal "General biology"

    1985 - 1997 : Lecturer in mathematical methods in Biology at the St.Petersburg State University.

    1990: Visiting scientist, Institute of Virology, Glasgow University, MRC research unit, Scotland, UK

    1991 - 1996: The collaboration with MSDN (Cambridge,UK) on the design of information database about strains of Peterhof genetic collection and approaches to this database through MSDN network

    1996 - 2002: Head of Laboratory of Bioinformation Systems, Institute for High-Performance Computing and Data Bases

    2002- present Head of Department of Computational Biology in the Center of Advanced Studies of St.Petersburg Polytechnical University

    Professional Contributions and Honors:

    1993-present: Member of the MSDN, Cambridge, U.K.

    1996-present: Member of World Federation of Culture Collections Committee

    1999: SGI Outstanding Speaker Award at the ISMB'99 conference


    1998 -1999- Team leader, RFBR gtant Development of GenStrain , the Database of Peterhof genetic collection of yeasts.

    1999 - 2003 - Team Leader, EC grant IST-1999-11009 ESTEDI "European Spatio-Temporal Data Infrastructure for High-Performance Computing."

    1999 -2002 - Team Leader, NATO Collaborative Linkage Grant LST 975850 Dynamics of Segment Determination in Drosophila

    1999 -2002 - PI, FIRCA grant NIH RO3 TW01147 Dynamics of segmentation gene expression in Drosophila

    2001-2009 - PI, NIH grant RR07801 "Physiological Model of Gene Regulation in Drosophila".

    2005 - 2006 - team leader, grant 02.467.11.1005 "Design of program package for computer modeling in the field of post-genomic systems biology (systems biology in silico)." Federal Agency on Science and Innovation of the Russian Federation.

    2005 -2008 - RBFR-NWO grant 047.011.2004.013 "Modelling and inferring developmental regulatory networks".

    List of up to 10 publications published in the last 5 years

    [1] M.Samsonova, A. Pisarev, K. Kozlov, E.Poustelnikova, A.Tkachenko (2006) An Information Management System for Collaboration Within Distributed Working Environment. DILS 2006, LNBI 4075, U. Leser, F. Naumann, and B. Eckman (Eds.), Springer Verlag, 204-215.

    [2] H. Janssens, D. Kosman, C-E Vanario-Alonso, J. Jaeger, M. Samsonova and J. Reinitz (2005). A high-throughput method for quantifying gene expression data from early Drosophila embryo. Development, Genes and Evolution, 225(7), 374-381.

    [3] E. Myasnikova, M. Samsonova, D. Kosman and J. Reinitz (2005). Removal of background signal from in situ data on the expression of segmentation genes in Drosophila. Development, Genes and Evolution, 215(6), 320-326.

    [4] J. Jaeger, S. Surkova, M.Blagov, H. Janssens, D. Kosman, K. Kozlov, Manu, E. Myasnikova, C.E. Vanario-Alonso, M. Samsonova, D.H. Sharp, and J. Reinitz (2004). Dynamic control of positional information in the early Drosophila embryo. Nature, 430, 368-371.

    [5] J. Jaeger, M. Blagov, D. Kosman, K. Kozlov, Manu, E. Myasnikova, S. Surkova, C. E. Vanario-Alonso, M. Samsonova, D. H. Sharp, and J. Reinitz (2004). Dynamical analysis of regulatory interactions in the gap gene system of Drosophila melanogaster. Genetics, 167, 1721-1737.

    [6] E. Poustelnikova, A. Pisarev, M. Blagov, M. Samsonova and J. Reinitz (2004). A database for management of gene expression data in situ. Bioinformatics, 20, 2212-2221.

    [7] M. Samsonova, A. Pisarev and M. Blagov (2003). Processing of natural language queries to a relational database. Bioinformatics, 19, Suppl. 1, i241-i249.

    [8] E. Myasnikova, A. Samsonova, M. Samsonova and J. Reinitz. Support vector regression applied to the determination of the developmental age of a Drosophila embryo from its segmentation gene expression patterns (2002). Bioinformatics, 18, S87-S95.

    [9] I. Aizenberg, E. Myasnikova, M. Samsonova, and J. Reinitz. Temporal classification of Drosophila segmentation gene expression patterns by the multi-valued neural recognition method. (2002). Mathematical Biosciences 176, 145-159.

    [10] K. Kozlov, E. Myasnikova, A.Pisarev, M. Samsonova and J. Reinitz (2002) A method for two-dimensional registration and construction of the two-dimensional atlas of gene expression patterns in situ. (2002) In Silico Biology, 2, 125-141.

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