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    Novosibirsk State University, Chair of Informational Biology

    Selected courses (content, sample slides, etc.).

    Computational Systems Biology

    1. Genomic Regulatory Signals (example slides)

      • Mechanisms of transcriptional control

      • The databases on transcriptional regulation

      • Conformational and physicochemical context-dependent DNA properties used for functional sites recognition and analysis. B-DNA Video Internet system.

      • Gene expression control on the mRNA translation stage

      • The recognition of promoters

      • Analysis and recognition of transcription factor binding sites

    2. Computational Genomics (example slides)

      • Internet-resources for DNA sequence search and analysis

      • General subject of bioinformatics

      • Databases on Genes and Genomes

      • Repeats in DNA, formal description and analysis

      • Consensus, position weight matrices, sequence alignment methods

      • Machine learning methods overview: hidden Markov models, neural networks, genetic algorithm

      • Methods for eukaryotic gene structure annotation

      • Statistical approaches used for different recognition techniques: accuracy comparison

      • Investigation of qualitative and quantitative characteristics of transcriptome

    3. Gene networks (example slides)

      • Reconstruction gene network and analysis of their properties

      • The arhitecture of gene network

      • Apoptosis gene network

      • The development networks

      • Gene network complexity of prokaryotes and eukaryotes

      • The principle of organization of metabolic networks

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