Experimental and theoretical research of connection of catalase activity of microorganisms of active sludge aerotanks with concentration of pollutants waste water

Institute of Biophysics, SB RAS, Krasnoyarsk

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Andrey G.Degermendzhy, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor
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Project objectives

To develop an express train - method of the control of substrate consumption by microorganisms of active sludge of aerotanks on the basis of the definition of their catalase activity.

Background and significance of objectives

The information on concentration of substrate in the system is necessary for management by artificial systems of biological clearing of waste water with the participation of the community of microorganisms of active sludge. The traditionally used methods for the control of the substrate concentration substrate in the system BOD and ÑOD (biological and chemical demand oxygen) require time, which essentially exceeds the time of changes in the ecosystem. Therefore, the development of express trains - methods of the control of dynamics of substrate consumption by microorganisms is necessary.

Since the functioning of microorganisms depends on the state of the enzyme system, it is obviously useful to choose the right enzyme that can serve as an indicator of bacterial culture growth. This indicator could be used as one of the amount of nutritious substrate consumed by microbial.

The novelty of the given project consists that in preliminary experiments on pure monocultures in the conditions of controlled cultivation (periodic and continuous) the connection of catalase activity with bioweight of microorganisms and with quantity of nutritious substrate consumed by them is established (Fig. 1).

On the basis of experimental data obtained a mathematical model of the process "nutritious substrate - hydrogen peroxide - catalase" is developed. The satisfactory quantitative concurrence of theoretical results to experimental data is received.

The offered approach will allow one to determine the depth and efficiency of biological clearing of waste water.

Expected result

At present a series of experimental and theoretical studies is necessary which would allow to develop a quantitative method of definition of efficiency of clearing of waste water in aerotanks by active silt, considering the stated approach and to develop rules of work.

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Fig. 1. Correlation between catalase activity by quantity of bioweight (1) and quantity of consumed substrate (2) at continuous cultivation of Ps. aeruginosa on mineral media with glucose 1 g/l with various rates of dilution 0.05; 0.1; 0.2; 0.35 and 0,4 hr-1.