Forest-tundra ecotone response to climate change

Sukachev Institute of Forest, SB RAS, Krasnoyarsk

Head of the Institute:

Eugene A.Vaganov, Academician of the RAS
Academgorodok, Krasnoyarsk, 660036, Russia
Tel., Fax: (3912) 43-36-86;

Principal researchers:

V.I.Kharuk, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Chief of the Lab.

Project objectives

Detection and analysis of the global change impact on the forest-tundra ecotone: LAI, productivity and tree line border dynamics.

The object. Forest-tundra ecotone of Asia. Detailed investigations will take place in the several test areas, including the 'Ary-Mas', the northernmost forest stand.

Research plan: approaches and methods

Analysis of the space images will be based on on-ground measurements on the selected plots.

Expected results


On a number of test sites, including the site of Ary-Mas, there are DISP, ERS, RADARSAT, JERS images. In 1999 the Landsat-7 data will also be obtained. In the region of investigation a number of tests sites are established, and dendrochronological data are collected.

List of publications of participants related to the project