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    The Fifth International Conference on Bioinformatics of Genome Regulation and Structure (BGRS'2006)

    Novosibirsk, Russia
    July 16-22, 2006


    Dear Conference participants:
    If you intend to take the Altai tour, please, inform us about your wish before March 20 2006 to jana_k@bionet.nsc.ru

    About Lake Teletckoe

    The tour is organized by the Novosibirsk Tourist Agency "Pilgrim" (ul. Fabrichnaya, office 203, Novosibirsk, Russia )

    Estimated cost of the tour per one participant is 10 000 rub (about $350)

    The tour starts on July 23 and ends on July 28, covering 6 days and 5 nights


    Day 1:

    Transfer from Novosibirsk to the Hotel Eden
    (8-10 h by bus).   

    about Hotel Eden

    Dinner. Free time.


    Day 2:
    A water tour in a launch to the waterfall Korbu (photo). Tour duration, 6 h.
    Dinner. Free time.


    Day 3:
    A water tour to the south part of the Lake Teletskoe with lunch. Duration from 8.00 to 20.00.
    Dinner. Free time.


    Day 4: Breakfast.
    A launch or motor-boat tour to the Stony Bay (photo). Tour duration, 4 h.
    A horse tour to the waterfalls of the Oirok River. Tour duration, 2 h.
    Dinner. Free time.


    Day 5:
    The caves of the Ursa Major and Minor. Tour duration is to be specified.
    A horse tour to the mountain Tyalan-Tuu. Tour duration, 2 h.
    Dinner. Free time.

    Day 6:
    Breakfast. Free time.
    Departure to Novosibirsk. Arrival to Novosibirsk.

    The tour cost includes:

  • Transfer from Novosibirsk to the Hotel Eden and back to Novosibirsk;

  • Accommodation in the Hotel Eden;

  • Two daily meals (breakfast and dinner);

  • Lunch during the trip to the south part of the Lake Teletskoe;

  • Tour program.

    In the case of weather change, the tour program may be altered as on which day what tour takes place or if a tour is impossible due to the weather conditions, it will be substituted with an equivalent event.


    The north end of the Lake Teletskoe is among the most attended sites with the Gorny Altai (Mountain Altai). This the particular place harbors the Hotel Eden

    The Hotel Eden provides

  • Comfortable houses with two or three bedrooms


    each room has a rest room with a closet, washbowl, and hot and cold water. The shower is located in the ground floor of the recreation site (use of the shower is included into the tour cost);


  • A restaurant for 100 persons with a summer porch     

    bar, TV, and video; the cuisine is diverse; in addition to the proposed set of meals, visitor may order meals from additional menu;

  • A recreation site with a sauna

  • A summerhouse with char grilles for shashlik and barbecue

  • A decorated swimming pool

  • Equipped rest facilities

  • A shelter of shaman

    Photos by M. Arkhangelsky and N. Kutovenko

    For the safety of guests, the hotel territory is treated against ticks

    The tour is intended for persons with different levels of physical skills

    Transportation in a 24-seat bus

    Meals: two meals-breakfast and dinner-are served in the restaurant by waitresses.
    Vegetarian meals are available on request.

    Outfit: No special outfit is required; just take warm waterproof clothes and shoes.

    Weather: day temperature is +18 to 30 degrees centigrade; night temperature, +10 to 20.

    Medical care is provided by a physician with the Hotel Eden.


  • Golden Lake. Photos from PhotoSight.Ru 908473

    The Lake Teletskoe is among the most unique water bodies of the world. In 1998, this Lake was included into the list of the UNESCO Worldwide Heritage Sites. The Lake Teletskoe is the largest and deepest lake of the mysterious and beautiful land named Altai. The Altaian name for this lake is Altyn-Kol, which means the Golden Lake. The Altaian epos has a miraculous legend about the Golden Lake.

    Once upon a time on the banks of a mountain lake there lived a glorious hunter. Every day he went to the taiga and always returned home with a prey. And once, well, the hunter got a real luck finding a golden bar as large as a horse's head in the taiga. And it came to the hunter that now he will be the richest man and the happiest man in the world. But alas, the year of the great heat came to Altai. The birds perished, and the beasts perished, and the herbs shriveled, and the cattle vanished. The hunter's family was starving to death. Then the hunter took his bar of gold and set his way for one village after another keeping hope to change the gold for at least a handful of barley grains if nothing else. Yet so poor were the people that even a single barley grain they could not give him in return. Coming back to his home, the hunter found his wife and children died of hunger. And came the hunter to the top of the highest mountain ashore of the lake, and threw the golden bar into the lake, and, in despair, followed the bar himself. Since that time, the mountain is called Altyn-Tuu, the Golden Mountain, and the lake is called Altyn-Kol, the Golden Lake.

    The Lake Teletskoe is located in the mountains in the north-eastern part of Altai at the altitude of 434 m above the sea level. It is encompassed by majestic mountains 700 to 1200 m high.

    The length of the Lake Teletskoe is 78 km; the maximal width is 5.2 km; the average width, 2.9 km; and the minimal width (near the Cape Karatash), 0.6 km. The length of its coastline is 181 km, and the area of its mirror is 230 square km.

    The Lake Teletskoe is one of the deepest lakes in the world. Its maximal depth is 325 m, and the average depth is 174 m. Almost half of its area is deeper than 200 m. In its depth, the Lake Teletskoe is at the fifth place after Baikal (1640 m), Caspian Sea (980 m), Issyk-Kul (702 m), and Sarezskoe Lake (505 m). In the maximal depth, the Lake Teletskoe exceeds the Lake Geneva (310 m), Baden Lake (276 m), Lake Michigan (263 m), Lake Huron (229 m), and many others.

    The water volume of the Lake Teletskoe amounts to 40 cubic meters. Its main tributary is the River Chulyshman, which brings over 70% water to the Lake. The length of the River Chulyshman is 241 km. In the Altaian language, Chulyshman means a "great river". This great river of Altai springs from the high-mountain Lake Dzhulukol, meaning a "warm lake". Overall, more than 150 rivers and rivulets flows into the Lake. The majority of tributaries spring from small mountain lakes, the number of which in the Lake's basin runs to over 2200.

    Waterfalls are numerous in the rivers that flow into the Lake Teletskoe-Bolshoi Korbu (2059 m; see photo), Kishte, Shaltan, and many others.

    The only outflow of the Lake is the beautiful Biya River (photo), which carries its crystal waters towards the Arctic Ocean.

    The water of the Lake is sweet with a low content of mineral and organic substances. Negligible contents of phosphates along with the absence of ammonia and nitrous acid indicate an exclusive purity of the water of the Lake Teletskoe. Characteristic of its water is a high concentration of dissolved oxygen. The water transparency is 13.6 m, and its color is green.

    The slopes of the Lake are very picturesque due to a rich natural growth of trees, bushes, and grasses. Predominant among trees are coniferous species, birch, and aspen.

    93640 The lavish flora around the Lake determines the fauna richness-about 50 mammalian species, about 250 avian species, about 10 species of reptiles, and hundreds and hundreds of invertebrates inhabit this area. Of predators, there are bears, wolverines, sables, Siberian weasels, ermines, and least weasels; of ungulates, marals (Siberian deer), roe deer, musk deer, etc. Of birds, there are wood grouses, black grouses, hazel grouses, partridges, nutcrackers, and others. Most numerous in the Lake are taimens, lenoks, ciscoes, pikes, minnows, and perches.

    The Lake Teletskoe is the place which you will hunger for, whishing to return there time and again, once you visit this miraculous place and feel its inexhaustible energy.

  • if any problem, please send me a message.

    IC&G  SB RAS,
    Laboratory of Theoretical Genetics