Altai post conference tour
(July 21-25)

Altai map

July 21 09-00 We start from the Hotel "Zolotaya Dolina" 13-00 Entering the Altai kray (region) The first stop. Lunch. Barnaul, the administrative center of Altai kray, is located 15 km to the south on the left bank of the Ob River at its confluence with the Barnaulka. In 1738, a silver-refining works was established, the settlement becoming the hub of the Altai mining region. It was a major trade center in the second half of the 19th century. Biisk city. The city is situated on the right bank of the Biya River, just above the latter's confluence with the Katun, which then forms the Ob. It was founded in 1709 as a fortress. 17-00 The second stop 392 km from Novosibirsk. A village of Srostki, the motherland of a well-known Russian writer and actor Vasiliy Shukshin, a representative of "village prose" writers, who treated the clash of rural traditions with modern life in a realistic idiom. Altai foothills are starting near the village. The hill Beket with the beautiful view on flood-plain of Katun river. Museum of Vasiliy Shukshin. Crossing the border of GORNO-ALTAI, republic, in the Altai Mountains. It is bounded on the south by Mongolia and China. 19-00 Accommodation in the Hotel Polyex on the bank of mountain lake Aja. 
July 22 09-00 We start from the Hotel Polyex. Chemal river, power station built by deportees in 1935 12-00 Village Cherga. The experimental farm of the Institute of Cytology and Genetics. The refugium of rare animals and birds. 17-00 Village Kamlak. Altai botanical garden 20-00 back to the hotel 
July 23 08-00 Leaving the Hotel Polyex 10-00 The first stop at the Seminsky pass (1400 m). 12-00 Accommodation in the Hotel on Seminsky pass. Lunch 14-00 Excursion to National Altai park in Karakol valley. You will get known the national Altai traditions, see ancient drawings and tumuli and listen folk song singers and music played by national musical instrument. In the evening it will be national cuisine dinner. 
July 24 09-00 We start from the Hotel. 11-00 Chike-Tamansky pass (1295), beautiful view on mountain rivers Ursul and Great Ilgumen. 12-00 Onguday forestry, magnificent mountain scenery, the influx of Great Ilgumen river into the Katun river. Shashlik. One can experience Russian Banya or try horse riding in mountains. 19-00 back to the hotel 
July 25 09-00 departure from the hotel 10-00 Gorno-Altaisk, the capital of Altai republic. Museum of Altai Republic. 20-00 Arrival to Novosibirsk

Dear colleagues,

Due to the significant increase in the number of people interested in our tour, we were forced to look for hotels where the whole group can have a comfortable accommodation. What we have found would be much better than the previous place as you can see in the picture at the site.

So, for the first two nights we shall live not in the Hotel Polyex on the bank of the mountain Lake Aja, but in the complex of hotels Areda on the bank of the mountain river Chemal.

At this hotel all meals will be served in a restaurant on your own. Thus meals, on July 21, breakfast and dinner on July 22, breakfast on July 23 and lunch on July 25 will be in restaurants or bistros on your own but still the total sum may not exceed $50 for all meals. Despite the overall increasing of prices in Russia (including gasoline prices) some costs of very good food in Altai can be really surprising. Let us hope that they will not change till our voyage.

Accommodations will be a little bit more expensive but different. For couples with children, who will live in Areda in apartments, the whole costs including transportation in a comfortable car, accommodations, all excursions, lunch on July 22, dinner on July 23, picnic (lunch and dinner) on July 24 and breakfast on July 25 will amount to $260 for an adult and $170 for a child.

The other people can make their choice in Areda. If you share apartments with another person, the whole trip will sum for you to $260, if you choose less comfortable apartment, the whole trip will amount to $240. There will be also available so-called standard rooms. In this case the whole trip cost sums to $230.

Please make your choice.

Look forward to meeting you in Novosibirsk. Local Organizing Committee

if any problem, please send me a message.

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