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Akademgorodok (MAP)

The Conference will take place in 2 locations: starting  in  the Instutute of Cytology and Genetics (Novosibirsk, Akademgorodok) and continued in the Altai mountains.  Akademgorodok is the one of largest scientific centres  in Russia. University and over 30 research institutes are situated there. The Institute of Cytology and Genetics is conducting an active reasearch in Bioinformatics, developing databases of regulatory sequences (TRRD) and computational approaches for sequence analysis. The first part of the conference will take place in the conference hall of this Institute. The second part  will be in the place located about 600 km from Novosibirsk near one of the Sibirian archeological monuments, the so-called Denisova Cave. The Altai International Center  of the Institute of Archeology, created as a research  and  tourist center, is located in this   place. This place has all required facilities for the conference sessions. Altai is a place associated with important events of the world history, from the settlement of the modern type man in Asia and genesis of the most ancient cultures of the Stone Age. It is also one of the centres of biological diversity and origin of unique  plants and animals.

The expeditional settlement of the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography "Denisova" cave, located at a picturesque valley of the Anui river at a height of 640 m.a> above sea-level.  You will stay at a well-appointed tourist hotel, consisting of separate cottages with single and double rooms, rest- and bathrooms, supplied with electricity, cold and hot water. At a cozy restaurant you may enjoy Russian and Siberian cuisine, prepared from ecologically clean Altaian products. You are always welcome to the hospitable bar, where there is a wide choice of Russian vodka and other spirits, souvenirs and natural products of the Altai such as honey and healing herbs. Daily you may visit a Russian bath-house with specific methods of relaxation, that may have a beneficial effect on your health.Summer months are very warm and sunny in the Altai, but the weather is quite changeable, that's why you'd better take a warm Jackets and waterproof shoes for travelling.

"Denisova" cave, a unique archaeological relic of Northern Asia, a dwelling-place of primitive man for the space of 300 thousand years since the Palaeolithic Age until the Middle Ages. The tourist hotel "Denisova cave" is the centre of your travel. From there you will go on excursions around the Altai by car according to your schedule. All the excursions will be guided in an understandable way by the scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

You will have the following four excursions.
1) to "Denisova" cave a dwelling place of man from Paleolithic Age (250 thousand years ago) until the Middle Ages where you will see all ground beds from these times and listen a lot of stories about things which archeologists found in this cave (for example, about comb and dirk which young Scythian pair put at the base of right corner of their house and etc.)
2) to Highwayman cave, the place where the highwaymen sheltered in the Middle Ages and where you will see stalactites and stalagmites
3) to place with large number of waterfalls, one of the most beautiful place in Altai
4) to special Museum on the river bank where fireplaces, snares for animals, tools for stone cutting and drilling and other tools of people from Paleolithic Age are restored on the base of findings in nearest excavations and you will be able to see their unique design and perfection and even in some cases to try some of them