"WOOLSIB" - new leather-balding tehnology


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Dependence of enzymatic effect on leather balding from proteolytic enzymatic activity and time


WOOLSIB is a new ecologically clean technology aimed at leather production and obtaining extra amounts of leather. Its application will allow to reduce the balding (hair removal) process with immediate ecological safety.
Balding can be made with bath and put-on methods in leather-processing of cattle, the Ovidaeand Suidae. Its duration depends on the kind of leather raw material, method of processing and type of equipment. Using special biologically active agents allows to arrange skin balding for obtaining the hair undamaged and unpolluted by other hair mixtures: sheep skin - 1-3 hours, cattle skin - 6-8 hours. Average output of absolute dry and clean hair is 320-360 g per 10 kg of skin weight from cattle, and 1000-1500 g from ship skin. Enzymatic seasoning allows to exclude the process of balded skin softening from the production cycle. 

"WOOLSIB" is the technology that allows to:

  • increase production output evading lower quality by reducing total duration of the technological process;

  • considerably decrease the content of calcium hydroxide and natrium sulfide in drainage water;

  • prevent economic losses evading fines for ecological damages;

  • get extra profit lessening expenses for drainage water purification.

    Technical-Economic Advantages

    The new ecologically clean technology is aimed at its use in leather production for extra-hair output. Its application will allow to reduce the process of leather balding with immediately ensured ecological safety.

    Fields of Application

    Leather industry: producing leather raw material (clothes), footwear and textile industry for making wool-containing fabrics.

    Level and Location of Practical Realisation

    Full-scale industrial production.


    RF N 2030455

    Commercial Proposals

    Licensed agreement,
    'Know-how', joint production is possible.

    Price List

    To be determined during negotiations


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