Tertsiya - a new spring wheat cultivar


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Cultivating spring common wheat cv Tertsiya, resistant to drought, diseases and pests, is economical and an ecologically safe way to intensify grain production. It is distinct in its high technological properties of cultivation, resistant to logging, grain falling and germination in rolls, has drought resistance due to thick hairy leaves. Tertsiya has been included in the list of valuable wheats for its grain quality.

Variety of cv Lutescens - cylindrical spike of average density, oval-egg-shaped glume, well expressed nervation, sharp spike glume dent, short and straight arm with considerable expressed keel, big grains with average groove size, upright dark-green bushlets during tillering, average thick stem, hardand hollow. Anthocyan anthers and under-spike internodes, hard pronounced hairy leaf are the morphological perculiarities of the cv.

Tertsiya is mid-early on its duration of vegetation period. The "shoot - wax maturity" period lasts for 80-90 days.

Technical-Economic Advantages

Сорт "Терция" высокоурожайный, устойчивый к полеганию, обладающий хорошими хлебопекарными качествами, иммунный ко всем основным болезням и поражению листогрызущими вредителями в зоне Западной Сибири и Урала. Устойчив к прорастанию зерна в колосе.

Cv Tertsiya is of high yield performance, resistant to logging, good bread-making properties, resistant to all basic diseases and leaf-nibbling pests in western Siberia and the Urals and spike grain germination.

It is the first cv in Russia that was produced with an aimful introduction of certain genes in the genotype. It is also the first cv with resistance gene LR-TR providing the protection from all brown rust populations on the territory of the former USSR.

Fields of Application


Level and Location of Practical Realisation

Full-scale production.

Recommended for the whole forest-steppe zone of western Siberia. 
Compared to other cvs, it has a yield increase of 3-5 cntn/ha, improved commodity ratio and grain bread-making properties during epiphytotic years due to the resistance. 
Does not require the use of chemicals. 
It has passed the State Cultivar Test and has been regionalised in the Kurgan, Omsk and Novosibirsk regions and is under industrial production.


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