Spring wheat cultivar Irmenka-4


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The cultivar was produced with the method of hybridisation of winter wheat cv with spring wheat cv Novosibirskaya-67. It is a variety of lutescens: spindle-shaped spike, 1000 grain weight - 32-41g, grain protein content - 14.7-15.3%, flour gluten content - 34-36%, flour strength - 320-360 a.u., mid-early, ripens for 95-100 days and is of good resistance to drought, logging, grain falling and germination, almost unaffected by root rots, brown rust and powdery mildew. It exceeds standard cv Novosibirskaya 89 in yield performance at 1-3 cntn/ha.

Technical-Economic Advantages

Forming big and well-filled grains bouth in cold hummid years and drought. It esceeds standard cvs in 1000 grain weight practically in all conditions.

Cv Irmenka-4 is highly resistant to logging, grain falling and germination both in growing plants and rolls. These characters give it firm advantages in cool and hummid years.

CV Irmenka-4 is responsive to high agronomic background and it is expressed in yield increase, grain protein and gluten content.

Fields of Application

Agriculture of western Siberia.

Level and Location of Practical Realisation

Cv Irmenka-4 has been regionalised since 2001 over the West-Siberian region on the results of State Cultivar Tests and is being successfully cultivated in agricultural units of the Novosibirsk and Kemerovo regions.


Authorship Certificate N 30419.

Cv Irmenka has been applied for its registration in the List of Breeding Achiemvements permitted for use. Registration Certificate N 30419 has been received. The patent has not been applied for.

Commercial Proposals

Investitional agreement to commercialise the work-out.

Price List

Equal to the seed market price having been established in the West-Siberian region.


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