Producing large-fruited strawberry cultivars using apomixis

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A complex of techniques that laid ground to the technology for inducement of apomixis has been worked out by a group of executive researchers as a result of multi-year experiments. Ways of its rational use for genetics and breeding of strawberries have been first outlined. Genotypic collections of apomictic analogues of large-fruited strawberry cvs are still being developed.
The technology for producing new large-fruited strawberry cvs using apomixis is based on the knowledge of reproduction peculiarities of this crop. Seeds set as a result of double fertilisation under favourable conditions. Plants use apomixis - the reserve seed-forming mechanism - under stress. Unification of genetic material of parent forms in ovicell is eliminated in apomictic reproduction.
Unlike the standard viewpoint that apomictic progenies are to be identical to mother form on all traits, genetic variability is observed in apomictic progenies of large fruited strawberries. Genetic analysis of discrete traits segregation in partenogenetic progenies points out the autosegregational (gametetic) but not hybrid (zygotic) variability character. Autosegregational variability provides the selection of valuable traits enriched with new adaptive modifications in apomictic progenies.

Technical-Economic Advantages

Aimed regulation of apomixis-induced reproduction ways allows to manage genetic resources of cultivated plants, obtain and select valuable autosegregational apomictic phenotypes, provides new material both for introduction in breeding and post-clonal use in industrial plantations.

Fields of Application

Results of using the technology for inducement of apomixis could be used in such fields as developing germplasm collections, methodology of biodiversity estimate, breeding, individual gardening.

Level and Location of Practical Realisation

Prospective strawberry forms have been produced for the use in agricultural units.


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