New preparations for agricultural plant protection plant biostimulators and pesticides 

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Effect of preparations on wheat spike size


A big number of preparations for the protection from diseases, pests and various environmental stresses is used in modern agriculture. Most of them are artificial and are not destroyed either by plant enzymatic systems or physical impacts and chemical effects. It leads to their accumulation in harvested crops and, hence, in organisms of animals and human. Therefore, at present there is an urgent necessity of making preparations that allow to obtain ecologically clean food-stuffs in the world. Biochemical investigations show that plants synthesize their own protective agents as a response to unfavourable environments. However, their rate of synthesis and amounts can be insufficient. Thus, extracting such substances from natural raw material for plant treatment can heighten their resistance and increase yield performance of agricultural crops.
Multi-componential mixtures belonging to the class of isoprenoids demonstrated high biological activity. A highly effective preparation "SILK" is the first to have been made as a means of plant growth stimulation and protection.
"SILK" is water emulsion of the total of triterpene acids from the needles of Siberian fir. It contains biologically active agents stimulating plant growth and adaptability to unfavourable environments
The preparations of the same class - NOVOSIL, LARIXIN and RASTSTIM obtained from conifer wood, which compliment and exceed the biological effect of SILK, - have been obtained, tested and applied for at the Institute of Cytology and Genetics, SB RAS.
Besides, the method of extracting plant biologically active agents has been perfected. It is an ecologically cleaner, chemically softer, economically cheaper and a safe method of obtaining natural compounds.

Technical-Economic Advantages

  • No analogues,

  • ecologically clean products, safe for people and animals, complex effect on plants, high efficiency with small preparation dosage per square unit,

  • waste material of wood processing and bark are used in obtaining the preparations; it solves the problems of using these waste materials in wood-processing;

  • do not accumulate in plants and soil.

    Fields of Application


    Level and Location of Practical Realisation

    Industrial production of the preparations has been organised. Used all over the territory of Russia. Being ecologically tested in China, Pakistan, Malaysia, Czech republic and other countries.


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