Anti-tuberculosis activities are not only a social problem but also a search for new highly effective anti-tuberculosis preparations. Pharmacological industry produces a limited range of these preparations both in Russia and abroad. The course of treatment lasts for 6-12 months. Tubaside (??) is the most effective preparation, but it is very toxic, affects liver, kidneys and has a short-term effect. Only a small part of it penetrates the focus. Therefore, treatment of tuberculosis is so far a long-term process and most expensive for any state budget. The inter-institutional laboratory of "New Medicinal Preparations and Diagnostic Methods" has been established in Novosibirsk on the base of the Institute of Cytology and Genetics, SB RAS. The institutes of 3 state departments of the Ministry of Healthcare - the Novosibirsk Scientific-Research Institute of Tuberculosis and the Novosibirsk Medical Academy, SB RAS (Institute of Cytology and Genetics, Institute of Nuclear Physics) and SB RAMS (Centre for Clinic and Experimental Medicine, Institute of Physiology). 
ISODEX - a new highly effective anti-tuberculosis preparation - has been worked out in the laboratory. The original technology of radiational-chemical immobilisation of tubaside on the medical biopolymer dextran has been developed. As a result, ISODEX selectively eliminates the infection and is non-toxic unlike other anti-toxic preparations. Using ISODEX considerably reduces the terms of treatment of tuberculosis. 
The technology of obtaining ISODEX us based on homeland raw materials.

Technical-Economic Advantages

ISODEX exceeds all current world analogues in its therapeutical effect. The price for the course of treatment with ISODEX will be considerably lower by means of reducing the terms of treatment, and it will significantly lessen the expenses for t. b. treatment.

Fields of Application

Medicine, pharmacology.

Level and Place of Practical Realisation

The basic research on ISODEX has been finished. Working over the experimental technology of obtaining the medicinal form of the preparation is being carried out.


Protected by the Patent(s) of the Russian Federation RF N 2143900.

Commercial Proposals

Investitional agreement on completing the work-out of the industrial form and arrangement of production.

Price List

To be determined during negotiations.


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