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1. Use of IMOZYMASE in treatment of thermal eye burn.



2. Preparation IMOZYMASE (production form).


A simple way adapted to local raw materials and equipment of obtaining the medical preparation IMOZYMASE, which is a complex of bacterial proteases immobilized in water-soluble polymer, has been worked out. 
Radiational modification of bacterial proteases with polyethyleneoxide is the base of obtaining the preparation. IMOZYMASE is a liquid medical preparation of high proteolytic activities capable of cleaning wounded surfaces from the enviable tissues damaged by a pathological process selectively eliminating enviable proteins, the conditions for regeneration, growth of granulation tissue and epithelisation being favourable. Unlike proteolytic enzyme preparations traditionally used in medicine and veterinary (trypsin, hemotrypsin), IMOZYMASE is of higher specific effect, thermal stability, resistant in a wide pH range, unaffected by the impact of endogenic inhibitors of proteolysis, anti-inflammatory and does not cause allergic reactions. The use of the preparation allows to make treatment terms 1.5-2 times shorter compared to traditional ways.

Technical-Economic Advantages

IMOZYMASE is advantageously different from its analogues (trypsin, hemotrypsin, terilytin, papain, etc)in the pharmacological properties:

  • non-toxic and hypoallergogenic;

  • highly active within pH 6.0 - 10.0;

  • thermostable in the presence of substrate (up to 800C);

  • resistant to the effect of endogenic inhibitors of proteolysis

  • use of preparation is no accompanied by pain;

  • rapidly hydrolizes denatured proteins with various aminoacid sequences including fibrin and collagen.

    Fields of Application


  • surgery for treatment of trophic ulcers, abscess, phlegmons, osteomyelitis and other purulent-inflammatory processes;

  • stomatology for treatment of caries, pulpits, peridontites, parodontoses and its complications;

  • pulmonology as a mucolitic preparation for treatment of various forms of pneumonias and bronchites (inhalational introduction). Veterinary:
    for treatment of various purulent diseases (mastites, endometrits, necrobacteriosis, bronchopulmanory diseases).

    Level and Location of Practical Realisation

    Experimental production.


    Production of IMOZYMASE is protected by the Patent(s)s of Russia and the USA. Allowed for external use in medical practice as a local proteolytic preparation on the order of the Minister of Healthcare N 128, 23 June, 1994. Registration number in the catalogue of medicinal preparations 94/128/5.

    License for the use in veterinary ТУ 9358-001-23543571-962.

    Commercial Proposals

    Investitional agreement on the arrangement of production according to the corresponding bionet/requirement of Healthcare Ministry.

    Price List

    To be determined during negotiations.


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