Developing technological sea-buckthorn cultivars 

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Activities in breeding, developing growing technology, mechanisation and harvesting sea-buckthorn are being carried out at the Institute of Cytology and genetics, SB RAS and the Novosibirsk Michurin Zonal Fruit-Berry Experimental Station, SB RAAS.

Sea-buckthorn cultivars having the main properties for mechanised harvesting, i.e. hard epicarp and dry pick-up, have been produced.

They differ in terms of ripening, color chemical composition, taste, and it determines the purpose of their use: technical, gastronomic or universal.

Cv Sibirsky Rumianets- ultra-early cv. Fruits ripen in the middle of August, shining bright-red fruits, up to 36% of caratinoids, high commodity ratio;

Podruga, Zolotoi Kaskad, Kapriz - mid-early, 1st half of September, sugar content - 7-10%.

Krasny Fakel, Ognistaya, Ivushka - late, 2d half of September, red fruits, high content of caratinoids, resistant to squashing pressure up to 600g, remain undamaged on branches till the first frosts, may be harvested both in autumn and winter by mechanical impacts (i.e. kicking);

Druzhina - mid-early, most suitable for industrial harvesting in autumn, has reserved growth intensity. compact top, hard shoots with no branches in summer, monomeric, big, rare fruits, hard epicarp and light, dry pick-up. Required pich-up pressure - 70-90g, whereas it fluctuates from 140-210g in present cvs.

New cvs are suitable for cultivation both in big production and amateur gardening; may be used as donors in breeding to produce more adaprable to mechanised harvesting:

  • cvs Druzhina, Krasny Fakel, Ivushka, Zarnitsa, Ognistaya, Parade are most adaptable in the production using mechanisation for cultivation and harvesting; differ from the existing cvs in fruits with hard epicarp, dry pick-up, good transportation and high commodity ratio;

  • gastronomic cvs: Podruga, Zolotoi Kaskad, Kapriz, fruits have much sugar, and little acid, may be eaten fresh and used for making juice, stewed fruit and jam;

  • cv Sibirsky rumianets, ultra-early, red-fruited, may be used universally as it has many carotinoids that give excellent juice;

  • cv Zyrianka has a good chemical composition of fruits and is distinct in its good annual yield performance,

Technical-Economic Advantages

There are no analogues to the big-fruited sea-buckthorn cvs produced at the institute. Cv Zyrianka produced by radiational mutagenesis and selections from Altai wild sea-buckthorn initiated these cultivars.

Fields of Application

  • Agriculture,

  • medicine,

  • pharmacology,

  • food industry,

  • ecology.

Level and Location of Practical Realisation

New cvs may be used both for cultivation in industrial production and amateur gardening, also as donors in breeding to produce more adaptable cvs for mechanised harvesting; 
in food industry for making juices and additives with balanced composition of microelements and vitamines; 
as plantations to fix and strengthen soils and protect them from winter erosion; 
in medicine for treatment of skin burns (sea-buckthorn).


Cv Zyrianka - Authorship Certificate RF N 5953. 
Cv Druzhina - Authorship Certificate RF N 7174. 
All the rest named cvs are registered in the State Catalogue of Breeding Achievements permitted for use.

Commercial Proposals

Agreements and contracts on deliveries of sea-buckthorn seeds and cuttings.

Price List

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