“The software is being refined (developed)”

MeTeLen(Measurement of Telomer Length of chromosomes) is freeware software. It was developed to estimate the length of individual telomeres in identified chromosomes.

This software is written in C# (.NET platform).

The “MeTeLen” is extensively used on systems that have the following requirements:

  1. Processor 1 GHz
  2. RAM 512 MB
  3. Operating System Windows. Windows machines require the installation of the .NET framework (default for XP and higher)
  4. Graphics card with a minimum capability of 1024x768x24 bit color
  5. “MeTeLen” treats two types of images: bead and metaphase chromosome images (24 bits RGB images). For comparisons of telomere values of different cells slides with standard fluorescent beads were applied and their images were captured before each experiment. Also the intensity of the registered bead fluorescence was used for calibration the Q-FISH signal. Analyzed chromosome images should include two spectral fluorescence images; the first shows the chromosomes stained with DAPI (blue channel), the second shows fluorescent signal after FISH with Cy3-PNA probe (red channel).

    For any questions/advice about MeTeLen, please contact:

    Example of Q-FISH image and masks(.zip)

    Bead imgs(.zip)

    Certificate (.pdf)