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Selected presentations

  1. German-Russian Cooperation Network Biotechnology [pdf]
    Dr. Gabriele Gorzka East-West-Science Center
    University of Kassel
  2. The Activities of the German-Russian Cooperation Network Biotechnology - Best Practice Examples [pdf]
    Dr. Annette Wandrowski
    ZukunftsAgentur Brandenburg GmbH, Eberswalde
  3. National Technology Platforms as Tools for Involvement of Researchers in R&D International Co-operation [pdf]
    Dr. Irina Sharova
    National Contact Point of Russia (Bio-NCP), A.N.Bakh Institute of Biochemistry, Moscow
  4. Industrial Biotechnology: Options for German / Russian Cooperation [pdf]
    Dr. Manfred Kircher
    Cluster Industrial Biotechnology CLIB2021, Düsseldorf
  5. The Knowledge-Based BioEconomy en route in Europe, Germany and NorthRhineWestphalia [pdf]
    Dr. Christian Patermann
    Former Director of the European Commission, Member of the BioEconomy Council of the German Government, Bonn
  6. Next Calls and the Opportunity of European and Russian Cooperation [pdf]
    Dr. Elisabetta Balzi
    European Commission, DG Research, Biotechnologies, Agriculture and Food Horizontal and Co-ordination Aspects, Brussels
  7. International Science and Technology Center (ISTC) - Advancing International Cooperation in Biotechnology and Lifesciences [pdf]
    Dr. Hendrik Visser
    International Science and Technology Center (ISTC), Senior Project Manager, Moscow