Institute Cytology and Genetics

Laboratory of Recombination and Segregation Analysis

Head P.M.Borodin, Dr.Biol.Sci., Prof.

Chromosome pairing between races of Suncus murinus. Sterile hybrids (a) show multiple aberrations of chromosome pairing, fertile hybrids (b) display orderly pairing, even in the case of heterozygosity for several chromosome rearrangements

Hybrid pedigree of Suncus murinus.

Segregation analysis demo-nstrated that male hybrid sterility arises in heterozygotes for a single gene. Litter size is determined by the combined action of the parental genomes

1. Development of new methods of recombination and segregation analysis

We developed a set of new models for the inheritance of complex traits in human pedigrees. We performed segregation analysis of idiopathic scoliosis and found that this pathology is determined by a mutation in a single gene. We also developed and applied new methods of statistical analysis of quantitative traits and QTL mapping to pedigrees of crosses within different populations.

2. Analysis of the chromosomal and genetic mechanisms of speciation and evolution

Our studies on inter-racial and interspecific hybrids of shrews and rodents showed that genetic divergence was more important in the formation of meiotic mechanisms of reproductive isolation than fixation of chromosome rearrangements.