Institute Cytology and Genetics

Laboratory of Human and Animal Genetics

Head A.S.Graphodatsky, Dr.Biol.Sci.

A map of Not1 linking clones on human chromosome 3

Localization of the dog chromosome specific probe on arctic fox chromosomes

Localization ofBsp repeat on arctic fox chromosomes

Two main related issues have been the focus of continuing research for many years: the organization of the human and mammalian genomes and chromosomes and their evolution. The team obtained data on the banding pattern of 180 mammalian species of the Insctivora, Rodentia, Carnivora, Artiodactila orders. Recently, studies in comparative cytogenetics were based on the ZooFISH technique. Of particular interest are studies on chromosomal localization and evolution of structural heterochromatin and repetitive DNA sequences in mammalian chromosomes.

The team has gained much experience in basic studies of the human and animal genomes and medical application of the results, as well as in comparative mapping of the human, mouse, rat, pig, fox, mink, cattle chromosomes. It works in well-developed and long standing collaboration with research teams involved in FISH mapping using Not1 libraries of human chromosome 3.