Institute Cytology and Genetics

Cell Cycle Genetics Laboratory

Head L.V.Omelyanchuk, Dr.Biol.Sci.

Polyploid metaphase in the larval neural brain of v40 homozygotes

Double spindles in meiosis 2 of ff16 homozygous males are formed because of the abnormal cytokinesis in preceding meiotic division

The Section is concerned with the genetic control of the cell cycle and proliferation at the tissue level in D. melanogaster. Genetic screening identified the following insertion mutations in the cell cycle genes: KLP61, aar, cyclin B, the centrosome gene v40, the non-insertional mutants f7 and f16 disrupting cytokinesis, and other mutations. The phenomenon of induced mitotic crossingover in the hyperploid male pronucleus was discovered. Clustering of exchanges in heterochromatin and negative interference of exchange pairs in the chromosome arm was shown.

A microfluometric method for studying DNA topology in chromosomes was developed. With this method, it was shown that a considerable part of DNA in murine metaphase chromosomes is under a torsional tension that relaxes during cytokinesis.