General Information of the
Institute of Cytology and Genetics

The Institute of Cytology and Genetics of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences was founded in 1957 among the first institutes of the Siberian Branch. Its first director was Academician N.P.Dubinin. From 1959 to 1985, the director was Academician D.K.Belyaev who made a great contribution to the creation of the Institute and revival of genetics in Russia. At present the Institute is headed by Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences V.K.Shumny.

The Institute of Cytology and Genetics of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences is a centre of genetics well-recognized in the country, which carries out research in a wide range of problems of modern genetics, molecular and cellular biology. During the recent years, in the Institute there is a progressive general tendency of integration of molecular, cellular and genetic approaches. This process leads inevitably to disappearance of clear-cut borders between different directions of research, increase of interdisciplinary contacts, a considerable enrichment with techniques and ideas.

According to the objects and scientific techniques, and also to the traditions developed at the Institute, one can distinguish conventionally seven main branches of research:

The main efforts of the scientists of the Institute are directed to solution of two fundamental problems: the first one is concerned with the investigation of the structure and functioning of genome, the second one with the cognition of laws of evolution and selection.

The Institute participates in the elaboration of large programs of national economy concerned with creation of new high-productive plant varieties, animal breeds, and strains of microorganisms, working out new technologies used in agricultural industry, human and veterinary medicine.

The successful development of science is promoted by international scientific contacts. The scientists of the Institute are collaborating with many scientific institutions of the countries: USA, Great Britain, Germany, Japan, Sweden, France, Canada, Denmark, Italy, Finnland ets.

The Institute is one of the organizators of the Altai International Centre on Biospheric and humanitarian research. In order to carry out the research in this Centre on ecological genetics, animal, plant and human genetics and preserving the genepool we invite the interested scientists all over the world to cooperation.

The Institute publishes every year many dozens of papers in Soviet and international scientific journals and books.

The Institute of Cytology and Genetics maintains close relations with the Novosibirsk University with the widely-educated specialists in general, theoretical and experimental biology, able to use the basic knowledge of mathematics, physics, chemistry and methods of exact sciences for solving actual biological problems. Specialization of students in cytology, genetics, physiology of man and animals, biochemistry, microbiology and ecology is organized in the department.

In the educational process special attention is paid to show the connection between biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics and to expose the unity of physical, chemical and biological processes and phenomena as well as to show their qualititative differences.

To show the importance of biology in the future activity of mankind is one of the main object of education.

Many leading scientists deliver lectures, conduct seminars and workshops for the students of the Biological Faculty, and determine the activities of two chairs: Genetics and Cytology, Physiology, and the work of two departments: of molecular biology and general biology - the Institute supervises together with other institutes of biological profile.